About us

The Public Association «Berries of Moldova» is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-profit organization created by the free manifestation of the producers of berries. Founded in 2012, it’s permanent activity is to help develop the berries sector by promoting legislative changes, organizing training for berry growers, organizing trade fairs at the „Summer Berry Fair” and participating in fairs and exhibitions.

„Berries of Moldova”  supports the increase of the productivity, quality and market access of the berries for the welfare of its members.

„Berries of Moldova” is a national and representative organization of the producers of berries, which performs priority tasks for the sustainable development of the sector.

  1. Training and Innovation;
  2. Mutual trust;
  3. Openness, communication and transparency;
  4. Perseverance, action and work;
  5. Integrity, honesty and fairness;
  6. Civic activism and common goal.
  • Supporting the sector and continuously improving the economic activities of its members in the field of fruit production and marketing;
  • Promoting sectoral policies in the field of berries;
  • Participation in the elaboration of the draft laws and their approval, in the elaboration of the economic programs and the decisions regarding the production and marketing of the berries;
  • The representation of its members in the relations with the public, state organizations, with the bodies of the state administration.

Moldavian Berry Sector

In the Republic of Moldova are about 4,000 ha of berry plantations which produce about 14 thousand tons of products. The areas occupied by berries crops are in a dynamic growth in recent years, from 1,000 hectares recorded in 2010 to 4,000 hectares in 2018. In 2018, the export of berries increased by 64% to 2800 tons, or 1000 tons more than in 2017. The largest consumer of berries in the EU are Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium. The most cultivated berries in Moldova are strawberry, raspberries, blackcurrant.